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Monday, February 18, 2008



Nate said...

Holy crap! Vincent Price used to host that show? I only have recollections of Diana Rigg (AKA, James Bond's wife; fabulous cheek bones, that woman). Thanks for shaking a few memories loose.

Just found this place, BTW. Nice to have some unfiltered Derelict-able writing to scorch the eye!

The Derelict said...

Hey nate, thanks for stopping by! What's funny is that I have absolutely no memory of the actual episodes of Mystery!, just memories of the fabulous Gorey intro, but yet, I must have watched the show or how else do I remember the intro, right? It's all very strange. And did Dame Diana do Masterpiece Theater at one time too? It's wonderful how one can shake the youtube tree and litter the ground with childhood ephemera.