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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Shoulda Won the Oscar... It's the song of the week!

I know a lot of people wanted "Blame Canada" to win (and really, how awesome would that have been if it had?!). But for pure emotional punch; for making me cry every dang time I watch it; for the sheer beauty of that golden sunlight as it streams through the autumn leaves of the trees. For all the heartache and longing and sadness and truth contained in these few minutes. Shoulda won the Oscar for Best Song in 1999:

"When She Loved Me" written by Randy Newman, performed by Sarah McLachlan


mind grapes said...

Aw, ok...I admit it. I cried a little listening to that. I have no idea if I cried when I saw the movie, but listening to it made me tear up a little. So you're not alone! ;)

The Derelict said...

Okay, good. I feel like such a sap, but what can I say? Song just gets me misty-eyed *sniff*