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Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Old School Nick You Probably Don't Remember

For all the Old School Nick fans out there who consider Alex Mack "old school" (in my opinion, Alex Mack and Shelby Woo and Keenan and Kel were the beginning of the end for good Nickelodeon live-action shows), here's a true oldie: Out of Control. I had forgotten about this show for years until an old college roommate and I were reminiscing about old Nick shows and we both had vague memories of this weird show that featured a poor man's Cyndi Lauper, Uncle Joey from Full House, a robot that did something. . . we couldn't remember what, and had an aesthetic that I can best describe as investigative reporting meets the Goonies meets Monty Python meets the Yellow Submarine. Later my roommate found out the name of the show while searching on the Internet: Out of Control. Yes! How could I have forgotten it?! How could this show have gone missing and forgotten for all these years?! Without Out of Control all the great Nick shows that came after would not have existed. No Clarrisa Explains It All; no Salute Your Shorts; no Adventures of Pete and Pete.

This is the only episode I could find on youtube, so savor it:

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