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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Great Movie Watching Challenge!

I have over 500 movies that I burned to DVD or that are recorded on my DVR and I haven't watched most of them. So I've decided to undertake the great task of spending the next year watching all of these movies and writing about them here on the blog. I don't really have any grand reason why I'm doing it, I just figured I should probably watch all these movies since I took the time to record and burn them in the first place. And it might be kinda fun to watch a bunch of random movies that I wouldn't otherwise get around to watching (why I recorded these randoms in the first place is anyone's guess). I also figure that by writing about them and making it a blog thing I won't be as tempted to give up or forget about it. So there 'tis: The Great Movie Watching Challenge to watch all the movies I recorded to DVD or DVR and then write about them on the blog. I'm giving myself 365 days.

Here are some titles in my collection as preview for what is in store:
The Mad Miss Manton
The Cat and the Canary
Mr. Arkadin
Harold and Maude
Escape from East Berlin
I Know Where I'm Going
Sherlock Jr.
Kiss Me Kate
The Incredible Shrinking Man
Spider Baby
La Jetee
Bluebeard's 8th Wife
The Kids Are Alright
Broken Blossoms
No Time for Comedy
The Crimson Kimono

and much, much more!


Nate said...

I'm not sure I should be encouraging this, but off the record: YYYEEEEEEAAAAAAHHH!

Just remember to take plenty of Vitamin A for your eyesight, and don't be alarmed if you start dreaming in black and white.

BTW, I Know Where I'm Going is one of my favorite movies, so you'll have to post a special review for that one. (Sherlock, Jr. is another, but everybody loves that one.)

The Derelict said...

Hee! I thought everybody dreamed in black and white? Just me? Heh.

I'm not sure what I'm getting myself into, but I can't wait to watch some Powell and Pressburger. *smallvoice* I've never seen any of their movies *smallvoice*

And yeah, I've never seen Sherlock Jr. either. Boy, it sure is a good thing I'm gonna watch all these movies! ;)