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Monday, May 5, 2008

It's quarter to three. . .

I've had "One for My Baby (and One More for the Road)" stuck in my head all day. So what do I do when I want to post something but don't feel like writing something? YOUTUBE! I typed in the song on youtube just for fits and giggles to see what would come up, and amidst the usual Frank Sinatras and Billie Holidays I found someone I never expected: Ida Lupino.

And yeah, this is Ida actually singing. I did not know she could sing, and if IMDB is to be trusted, she plays the piano too. Crazy, man. But as cool as this clip is, it bums me out because it's a movie I've never seen, and never knew I wanted to see until I first found this clip and found out the movie existed. Noir in a road house with Richard Widmark and Celeste Holm and Cornel Wilde, and Ida as the torch singer? Where have you been all my life Road House (1948) directed by Jean Negulesco!

Clip (with Spanish subtitles! Son las 02:45. . .)

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