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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hem hem!

Excuse me, but I'd just like to point out my favorite supporting part of the last year and ask why in the heck she's not on anybody's radar (even though I know perfectly well what the answer is, and it has to do with The Major Movie Awards bias towards certain types of films and certain types of parts, and it's the reason why Cate Blanchett could potentially, if the Golden Globes are any indication, get a lead actress nom at the Oscars for a movie everybody (all 24 who saw the thing) thought was pretty shitty while Amy Adams, who created one of the most memorable performances of the year, is relegated to "undeserved long shot" status and derided as not being "Oscar-worthy" since she's in a Disney family film; Julie Andrews' Mary Poppins would've had a hard time in our gloomy, mopey, "adult" times).

I must not tell lies, people, and the truth is this woman is brilliant. For your consideration:

Best Supporting Actress.

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