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Sunday, January 13, 2008

I'm falling out of love with the one-subject blog post -- it's too much damn writing. What, am I in college again?! I'm not doing 'em anymore. Enough already, all you egghead showoff bloggers with your big, long paragraphs of smartness and insight and awesome analysis -- I don't have to play your intellectual games, blogosphere!

I can write short, meaningless, unoriginal little tidbits from my head, filled with canned snark I borrowed from TWoP, and I'm just as valid and cool as you! So keep your really, really brilliant writing and engaging combox discussions, 'cause I got tons of links to youtube and a couple of pretty good Bette Davis quotes from, and I'm perfectly, totally, really, really fine with that, okay? Stop judging.

Seriously, though, just gimme some short, punchy little blurbs and some links to embarrassing celebrity pictures and that's all I really need from you, blogosphere; links and attitude. It's what the interwebs was made for, and I'm satisfied with that...

Now go watch this!

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