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Friday, January 25, 2008

View from the Rickshaw of Doom!

This is from the New York trip. Basically, we had four full grown people and dozens of shopping bags sandwiched into the flimsiest rickshaw ever, and our driver was this adorable little elf of a man, named Brian, who is my New York hero, and he drove us all the way from the Golden Theater to the Empire State Building, in the rain, uphill a lot of the ways, and through the death trap known as Times Square. Seriously, I was freaking out that a car was going to just paste us while we were going through that chaos. Plus, I was in the back so I couldn't see anything but the back of my cousin's head. She's the one who took the picture. It was totally ridiculous and possibly the most fun I had while in New York. All I remember, besides fearing for my life, was laughing hysterically. We were like circus clowns in those little cars, and just when you think another clown can't possibly come out of the car, three more get out. I'm sure the people on the street who saw us pile out of that thing were thinking circus clowns in tiny cars. It was awesome.

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