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Thursday, January 17, 2008

I gotta straighten my face

Shit-on-a-stick, people! Fifty thousand (57) of you descend on this place thanks to the very cool word from Michael Blowhard and I feel like a nerd-o-rama with my youtube links to kids shows and sophomoric attempts at beat poetry -- I'm really an adult, I swear! Is it too totally creepy to lie about your age? What if you're only doing it to avoid being thought an intellectually lightweight woman-child with the maturity of a twelve year old, instead of for some silly vain superficial physical appearance reason that compels most women to do the age-lying thingy? Should I say I'm seventeen? If I'm only some seventeen year old artistic teenager type, then my writing and theses will have the appearance of wise-beyond-my-yearsness instead of being these pathetic empty noises bleating in the much smarter and more interesting world of my blogging peers. And... that was a badly written sentence. Yeeaugh! I'm just digging the hole deeper, aren't I? Look! Totally rad pictures will distract you!


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